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This is me... the ring master, creator, the one and only butterfly behind 'Creations by a Butterfly'!
You don't often see the face behind the business with me... Most of the time my hair is screwed back and there certainly isn't time to apply make up... Why you ask??
Well not only do I run my little creative business I am also a wife to the most amazing man I could ask for, a mother to two amazing girls who are 9 and 11 that have more interests and hobbies than I have 6x6 paper pads (you will understand that in a week or so!!)
Ohhhh yep, I can hear your rolling your eyes saying well your just like any other person...
Yes I am... I am not the only person running a small business, juggling visiting family, supporting my family, dance runs, drama runs, shopping, cooking, cleaning.... oh and home educating my children... yes you read that right...
Miss A and Miss N are both home educated. So between washing, cleaning, feeding pets (we have 5), making sure everyone is fed and watered, running my business, helping Mr.B with a little admin with his business, I home educate the girls - and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I am a complete butterfly, you will always find at least 15 half completed projects in my home.... (Mr B believes its five but he will never know with how they are stashed around the house!!) Creativity is my me time... Some people visit the spa, the gym or go for a walk... I like to craft - or go to the pub...
So thats me... I have so much to share with you from here on... I do hope you will leave a quick hello and check out my blog again soon!
For now, I'm going to say good night and get ready for another manic day tomorrow!!!