Getting to know me.... Home Education and why?

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Good morning and happy Monday to you all.
Today we are resuming our routine... well sort of - normally on a Monday we have swimming but today we have a exciting day out planned with Grandma and Grandad! Little do Miss A and Miss N know, I have worksheets for them to do not only in the car but also while we are there!!
It will be fun, thats the joys of home education, you can teach them something in a way that they remember and half the time they don't realise they are learning and I can mix subjects together!! Not only that I am learning with them!
Its only since September 2018 we chose to home ed both the girls. The photo on the left was taken on 5th September 2018, our first 'official' day of HE.... Looking at them there they both look so little!!!
We had thought about HE for a long time before we took the plunge. Prior to July 2018 when we made the initial decision, we had always found a reason not to. Mr B and I spent many hours discussing the pro's and con's of HE... and when we wrote it down neither for or against won - there was no one solid case....
Initially it was only Miss A we planned to home educate, she was due to move schools in September 2018 and after our 'meet the teachers' evening both Mr. B and I came away feeling that it really wasn't for her. All in all, the school had a lot on offer. Many of the facilities available sounded just what Miss. A required to pursue her dreams. There were so many departments within the school that really had her wanting to attend, studios for dance and drama, soundproof music studios for recording, textiles encouraging art and design, media studies and so much more. But after speaking to both staff and students it became clear that they would encourage and support her only within the school environment, she would be penalised for following her dreams as and when an opportunity became available.
As for home educating Miss. N thats a different story.... It was the day before she was due back to school, I started to look at what I had planned for Miss A - and when I looked at the logistics I needed 2 of me to be supporting Miss. A and collecting Miss. N - and so I thought about it, ultimately I wanted to home ed both the girls, as why would we be tied to term times when we don't have to be!
On the right is a photo our first 'Educational Visit' that took place in November 2018. We had the opportunity to visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio in Watford along with other HE families! When I booked the experience, Miss. N was going back to school, I had planned to take her out for the day for the visit, but when it came to it there was no need! It was lovely to meet other families some that were local and some that had travelled many miles to visit! Both girls loved every moment of the day, they love Harry Potter anyway - and having the opportunity to take the tour was a tick on the bucket list for them!!! My favourite part was not only being with the girls and learning with them, we also had full access to all the worksheets the schools have - so it was completely educational!!!
I wouldn't change having the girls with me 24/7 for the world - thats one of the many questions I am asked... How do you put up with having them with you all the time... My reply is I don't 'put up' I love them, they are mine - I had children as I wanted them, not to pass the responsibility onto someone else!
Both of them are completely different children. This photo on the left shows you just how happy they are!! Both girls are more confident, more knowledgeable with things that need should be known in life and they have time to be children...
There is no pressure to have perfect handwriting, to colour within the lines, to be the first to raise your hand knowing the answer to a question or to understand. My girls now have time and one to one support when needed - we learn just as much as if they were in a school environment - but if they understand something in a couple of days we move on to the next bit, if they don't understand - we just take more time and different approaches.
Not only all the above, Mr. B and I get to see them grow, learn and encourage them with no stress....
Best get the brood up and moving we have a busy day ahead!
See you again soon!