Book Folding FAQ

Welcome to my frequently Asked Questions. 

I have tried to cover as many of the commonly asked questions as possible, if you can't see the answer to the question please don't hesitate to contact me via this link.


- What is 'Book Folding'

Book Folding is a great way of re-cycling and repurposing books that were are no longer needed.  With just a 30cm ruler, a sharp pencil and a pattern from our shop you can create that unique gift perfect for so many occasions or keep it to display in your own home.


- Why do I need more pages than folds?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions - when you think of a book each single page as your turn is actually 2 page numbers.  Obviously you can only fold a page once and so you will always need double the amount of pages to folds.


- My book has more pages than I need, can I still use it? 

Yes you can, we do recommend to try not to have too many pages over - such as a 600 numbered page book for a pattern requiring 100 folds.


- My book is too small/ too big for the pattern - what can I do

On many occasions we all have that book that is too small or too big.  All my patterns are created to fit books of a size that are commonly found, if you find a pattern is too small or too big for your book please contact me via this link as we may be able to help.


- How do I work out my starting page?

To work out what page to start on you need to make sure you know the exact number of pages in your book - many books have a few unnumbered pages at the beginning or end and even sometimes in the middle! To find your starting page;

 - Make sure you know the exact count of Numbered pages in your book - as an example say 600.

 - Divide that number by two, this gives us 300 pages we can fold.

 - Subtract the number of folds required for the pattern from the number of pages we can fold in the book.  Our example will be 300 - 274 = 26  we have 26 pages over the required amount.

 - Taking the number of pages we don't need and divide by 2 giving us a total of 13

 - Open your book and count 13 pages we can fold in from the front and this will take you to your starting point.


- My page count is odd making my starting/ending point not equal?

This isn't a problem at all, you really wont see one or two pages over at ether side of your finished sculpture, alternativly you can remove these pages by carefully tearing them out.


- How do I mark the pages?

 - Place your book on your desk with the spine facing you (make sure your book is the right way up, so the first sentence on the page is on the left side!),

 - Open to the first page you need to mark

 - Take your ruler, place it a cm into the book from the outside edge and place the 0cm line at the top of your page 

 - Mark your two points according to the pattern.


- How do I fold Pages??

 - I have created a short video that I hope will help you with folding your pages <click Here for video>